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Best price and service? Yes it is true.

23 June, 2017 13:08

Price and service. Find out why diamond buyers are going with Diberget

Diberget is one of Europe’s largest online diamond dealer. The company is a family owned business and was ‘born’ in Munich in 1980.

In 2000 Diberget moved to Antwerp Belgium, heart the worldwide diamond trading industry. The company is led by native Belgians.

Diberget is an international diamond supplier, supplying the European market with polished diamonds, with or without certificate.

Over the last 5 years Diberget has been investing heavily into online service. This leads to efficient work flows, cutting overhead costs.

Price is Key - Service and choice

  • Diberget clients are highly price aware.
  • 89% of our new clients find our prices more attractive
  • We have 98.7 % clients satisfaction for overall sales to delivery performance.
  • Our Online diamond database is our most visited information page. Diamond availability is over 95%, unseen in our industry!

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