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What are 'off sized' diamonds?

7 February, 2018 16:25

What are 'off sized' diamonds and why you can buy them at a discount?

As humans, we often think in whole numbers, like 10 - 20 etc.

Therefore many jewelry manufacturers tend to use specific weights like 0.10 - 0.15 - 0.20 .... carat diamonds.

However, the main price indicator of a diamond is the weight.

Diamond polishers, therefore, try to maximize the weight/polish ratio.

As a direct result, most diamonds are not 'whole' numbered.

Certain carat weights are therefore less in demand, and consequently, we can offer them at reduced prices.

These are the main discounted diamond sizes (in carat)

  • 0.08-0.09
  • 0.12-0.13
  • 0.14
  • 0.18-0.19
  • 0.23-0.24

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